Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the Million Playlist Dataset

Once you've registered with the system you can get the dataset from the Dataset page.

Where can I get the Challenge Dataset

Once you've registered with the system you can get the challenge set from the Dataset page.

How is the challenge scored?

See the Metrics section of the Rules page.

What is the format for a submission?

See the Sample Submission section of the Challenge Set Readme.

When is the leaderboard updated?

Once we start accepting submissions (ETA End of March) we will update the leaderboard daily.

What are the prizes?

For each track, the top three teams will be awarded a share of prize money. The top team will receive $4,000, the second $2,000, and the third $1,000.

How can I make a team?

The team management support is coming soon.

What is the calendar?

Can non-academic researchers particpate?

Yes - non-academic researchers can participate as advisors. See the Participation by non-academic researchers section of the rules.

Why can't industry particpants get full access to the Million Playlist Dataset like academic researchers can?

We wanted to release a comprehensive dataset while protecting our both or users' privacy and our intellectual property in an extremely competitive environment. Restricting the release of the dataset to academic researchers was the best solution we could find and still participate in this project.

How can I register as a non-academic researcher ?

We will be adding this support to the registration form in the very near future.

How do I submit my teams's paper about the challenge?

Visit the main RecSys Challenge page for information on the workshop, paper submission and selection.

Is there a support forum?

Yes! Join the RecSys Challenge 2018 Google Group to ask questions, share ideas and exchange insights about the challenge with the organizers and other participants.

How does team management work?

From your Profile Page you can create a team. When you do so you are considered to be the Team Lead. As the Team Lead, you can invite other researchers to your team, and you can submit your team results to the leaderboard. If you wish to join an already existing team, contact the Team Lead and ask them to invite you to join the team. Be sure to give them the e-mail address that you used when you registered for the RecSys challenge

How do I switch teams?

From your Profile Page in the My Team section click on the 'leave your team' and follow the instructions to leave your team. Once you have left your team, you are free to create a new team, or join another team at the invitation of another Team Lead.